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* sleep: Do not clobber int 0x80 for PIT IRQ handler callbackunstablemintsuki2021-01-174-4/+6
* guid: Add handling of mixed endianness GUIDsmintsuki2021-01-176-7/+24
* misc: Bump stivale commitmintsuki2021-01-151-1/+1
* misc: Make build system download stivale headers from stivale repository and ...mintsuki2021-01-154-247/+7
* misc: Update warning about unstable branch in READMEmintsuki2021-01-151-1/+9
* misc: stivale specifications moved to stivale/stivalemintsuki2021-01-152-770/+2
* misc: Add binary architecture flag to objcopy to avoid limine-install build f...mintsuki2021-01-151-1/+1
* misc: Update example version of limine in readmemintsuki2021-01-041-2/+2
* fat32: Fix wrong return type issuemintsuki2021-01-034-1/+1
* limine-install: Fix argument order for strstr() callmintsuki2021-01-031-1/+1
* stivale2: Implement MTRR Write Combining Framebuffer tagmintsuki2021-01-038-1/+68
* stivale: Clarify some parts of the specification and add bootloader reclaimab...mintsuki2021-01-033-13/+18
* file: Make sure is_memfile is properly clearedmintsuki2021-01-025-2/+3
* file: Make sure file buffers are aligned and of the right typemintsuki2021-01-025-2/+2
* file: Add ability to rename memory regions for memory loaded files so they do...mintsuki2021-01-0212-43/+42
* misc: Update link to echfs repositorymintsuki2021-01-021-1/+1
* limine-install: Misc adjustmentsmintsuki2021-01-022-19/+26
* limine-install: Add _FILE_OFFSET_BITS macro to ensure off_t is 64 bitmintsuki2021-01-021-0/+2
* limine-install: Sanitise error handlingmintsuki2021-01-011-18/+45
* misc: Update screenshotmintsuki2021-01-011-0/+0
* misc: Update copyright yearmintsuki2021-01-011-1/+1
* misc: Update binary imagesmintsuki2020-12-312-0/+0
* Merge pull request #62 from Matt8898/unstablemint2020-12-313-51/+53
| * Fix gzip code.Matteo Semenzato2020-12-313-51/+53
* misc: Update READMEmintsuki2020-12-311-9/+14
* misc: Minor makefile dependency fixesmintsuki2020-12-311-8/+6
* limine-install: Embed limine.bin inside limine-installmintsuki2020-12-312-38/+44
* misc: Replace conv_mem_alloc() with ext_mem_alloc() where it made sense to do somintsuki2020-12-3111-37/+41
* misc: Remove limine.h and retrieve LIMINE_VERSION value from current git bran...mintsuki2020-12-307-9/+2
* limine-install: Only perform physical block aligned reads and writesmintsuki2020-12-291-42/+174
* uri: Make boot resource be an alias of tftp of booted off PXEmintsuki2020-12-298-28/+37
* config: Search for tomatboot.cfg config files as wellmintsuki2020-12-285-6/+9
* misc: Update binary imagesmintsuki2020-12-282-0/+0
* Merge pull request #59 from N00byEdge/hyperv-ipimint2020-12-281-4/+4
| * Set the 'level' flag when sending Init and Startup IPIsN00byEdge2020-12-281-4/+4
* misc: Clarify config docs on E9 and COM1mintsuki2020-12-281-2/+2
* misc: Support COM1 debug outputmintsuki2020-12-285-2/+26
* elf: Fix bug where slide was not added to entry point addressmintsuki2020-12-284-1/+1
* kaslr: Update documentationmintsuki2020-12-273-11/+15
* rand: Fix allocation bugmintsuki2020-12-273-1/+1
* stivale: Make kaslr a config settingmintsuki2020-12-277-18/+25
* misc: Remove compressed bgmintsuki2020-12-271-0/+0
* misc: Make sure relocatable kernels workmintsuki2020-12-279-12/+27
* vbe: Fix bug where the vbe tty double buffer did not properly refreshmintsuki2020-12-278-14/+17
* uri: Add support for gzip-compressed filesmintsuki2020-12-2714-17/+58
* limine-install/gpt: Fix broken comparison of partition count and print out pa...mintsuki2020-12-261-1/+3
* part: Add support for MBR extended and logical partitionsmintsuki2020-12-265-7/+76
* misc: Update readme and screenshotmintsuki2020-12-192-2/+2
* menu: Add support for home and end bindings in textboxmintsuki2020-12-196-3/+23
* limine-install: Fix type mismatch bugmintsuki2020-12-191-1/+1