BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
flatteningDisplay: Remove vga_textmodeJon Santmyer5 months
mastersimplify source tree; compact def tablesJon Santmyer5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-12-13simplify source tree; compact def tablesHEADmasterJon Santmyer117-237/+176
2021-12-13simplify source tree; compact def tablesJon Santmyer14-10/+468
2021-12-12add license information to headers; prepare for reworkJon Santmyer46-470/+587
2021-12-12revamped build system; each module has makefile, no more shell nonsenseJon Santmyer26-54/+593
2021-11-28removed excess mutex; add detach syscallJon Santmyer5-47/+10
2021-11-27strip timer module; fix issue with page contexts overwriting; add debug print...Jon Santmyer17-118/+139
2021-11-26add proper arg and env processing for ldJon Santmyer3-10/+22
2021-11-23make initrd module 0 only; add syscall to get initrd phys and lenJon Santmyer3-21/+27
2021-11-21add hook for initrd_get; add functions to getcid; move initrd files to binJon Santmyer7-21/+40
2021-11-11add message and port iccJon Santmyer7-7/+416