BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwork on acpi rsdt functionsJon Santmyer3 hours
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 hourswork on acpi rsdt functionsHEADmasterJon Santmyer7-12/+50
44 hoursadd aligned heap allocationJon Santmyer1-13/+118
3 daysrudimentary kernel heapJon Santmyer3-0/+213
3 daysmove vmm to tlb. add acpi rsdp parsingJon Santmyer6-2/+130
4 daysadd simple init handlingJon Santmyer6-7/+90
2021-07-16change filestructure for future expansion. finish 8259 PIC driverJon Santmyer24-26/+181
2021-06-23add printk. add temporary fixed-size kernel log buffer. exchange calls to pri...Jon Santmyer12-8/+89
2021-06-23make code more readable, add comments where needed.Jon Santmyer14-112/+125
2021-06-23add GDT setup. add check for stivale2 if booted from stivale2Jon Santmyer6-1/+102
2021-06-20finish pmmbitmap. add panic moduleJon Santmyer9-17/+174