BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterKernel: Simplify src treeJon Santmyer5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2021-12-13Kernel: Simplify src treeHEADmasterJon Santmyer6-143/+358
2021-12-12revamp build system; move include to usr in rootJon Santmyer19-10/+10
2021-11-28fix rpc vlv mangling; fix message bypass; add simple vfs functionJon Santmyer19-101/+272
2021-11-27fix page mangling; fix crt executing empty constructor listsJon Santmyer15-60/+96
2021-11-26add arg processing to ld; padding for printf; shell vfsJon Santmyer12-52/+300
2021-11-23add tester printf; begin work on initrd serverJon Santmyer15-7/+294
2021-11-21move libc sys to modit lib; add process concept to schedulerJon Santmyer37-100/+323
2021-11-11squash root user directory; add rpcsrv to init; fix crti constructor callsJon Santmyer25-45/+108
2021-11-07theoretical model for rpc communicationJon Santmyer39-14/+691
2021-11-05add heap to mocksl; flatten app build space; add scheduler to initJon Santmyer20-20/+360